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Why Roya?

It is time to put yourself on top of your to do list. Roya's selfcare products sit at the intersection of quality and affordability because selfcare should not have to mean breaking the bank. These products are specifically tailored to assist in your overall health and wellness journey. Roya provides high quality, affordable products, which are third-party lab tested. All our products contain less than 0.3% THC. We offer hemp-derived CBD products in the form of oils, capsules, topicals, bath products, etc.

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"I'm telling you. This stuff is a life changer. Roya CBD has great products. I'm a true fan of the Joint Capsules. They're truly helping me in my day to day function and keeping flares away so I can be pain free. A second favorite is the oil tincture. It is truly helpful to feeling better during the day."

-Amber S.

"I love this combination of CBD and glucosamine post work out. I'm a runner and experience aches in my joints after long runs. These capsules help me feel great post run." 

-Tara F. 

"I have tried a lot of brands of CBD on the market and this product is by far the very best that I have found. I deal with anxiety, specifically social anxiety and this product has reduced my symptoms more than anything else I have tried. I have also noticed how greatly it improved my sleep. Incredible product."

-Danielle S. 

"My mom and I have great difficultly sleeping, and since we started taking Roya's CBD sleeping tablets, we have been able to sleep throughout the night without feeling drowsy in the morning. I definitely recommend these for your sleeping needs."

-Angie H.

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